Grootbos Private Nature Reserve

Private Nature Reserve , Hermanus


There are few places on earth where you can hear the sun as it sets, or feel the vibrations of a slow moving cricket as it passes you along the ground. At Grootbos Private Nature Reserve, these moments are not only savored but celebrated. Becoming one with nature here is not just recommended but rather a given. 

Perfectly perched between land and sea in Gansbaai, its here that you’ll find more than 3 times the floral species than the Amazon Forest. Exploring this flora is only one of the many experiences that this reserve provides its guests. Choose from a number of other adventures such as shark cage diving, scenic flights, nature walks and quad biking – to name just a few.

Grootbos has celebrated nature for 20 years and in this time has refined its accommodation and offering. The result is a magical experience that will bring you closer to nature than you’ve ever been before.


There are 3 small lodges at Grootbos – a small number but one that this reserve is proud of. The focus here is on responsible tourism and that means not only respecting nature on all its tours and adventures that they offer but also by not over populating and ruining the surroundings with buildings.

Instead, Grootbos offers tailored and sophisticated accommodation where attention to detail is on par with the detail of a spiders web.

The thatch and stone Garden Lodge is surrounded by indigenous trees and pathways that lead guests to 11 spacious suites that vary in size. Each boasts private decks and panoramic views. The theme of this lodge is light and space, allowing as much of the natural flow from outside to enter the man-made space as possible.

The 16 luxury suites of the Forest Lodge are perched high above the forest canopy and have expansive views of the reserve that stretch as far as the ocean. The focus here is on modern lines with natural textures and finishes. Glass is used to enhance the nature that surrounds it while the high ceilings really make space for your mind to wonder.

The Villa is a real slice of refinement in this already sophisticated reserve. There are six prestigious suites that offer the ultimate in privacy and guests can enjoy their own private butler while taking in the symphonic harmony of architecture and nature at this, the most exclusive of the Grootbos offerings.


Each of the award winning lodges offers their own unique and refined facilities. From a spa, lounges, swimming pools and dining rooms offering up the finest cuisine to wine tastings of the best that the Cape has to offer. The reserve itself has plenty of tours, experiences and activities for the whole family, no matter how adventurous you are.

Child Policy

Children of all ages are welcome at The Garden Lodge Grootbos.

Grootbos Nature Reserve

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